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Flights from Glasgow to Lanzarote

Looking for cheap flights from Glasgow to Lanzarote? Well, look no further! Here’s everything you need to know before heading to the Canary Islands.


How to get to Glasgow Prestwick Airport

Glasgow Prestwick Airport (PIK) can be reached by train from Glasgow Central. The airport has its own railway station and the service operates 4 times an hour from Monday to Saturday and every half an hour on Sundays. The route links Glasgow Central and Ayr, with some services going to Edinburgh Waverley station. If you are driving to the airport ahead of your flights from Glasgow to Lanzarote, take the M77 and then the A77 from the city centre and you’ll be at the airport in about 45 minutes.


Glasgow Prestwick Airport: Overview

There is one main terminal in Prestwick where all the boarding gates are located. Less than a million passengers travel through the airport every year but there are still plenty of cafés and restaurants to relax in before you fly from Glasgow to Lanzarote. You’ll also find a number of shops in the terminal in case you need to pick up any last-minute essentials before boarding.


Lanzarote Airport: Overview

Lanzarote Airport (ACE) has 4 public bus routes available to get you to your destination once your flights from Glasgow to Lanzarote arrive. The 22 and 23 go to Arrecife. The 161 and 261 will bring you to Playa Blanca and Puerto del Carmen. Alternatively, you can drive to Lanzarote’s capital, Arrecife, in around 10 minutes via the LZ-2 motorway. Ryanair Car Hire has some great deals on car rentals for the duration of your trip.


What to expect on arrival in Lanzarote

There is so much to see and do in Lanzarote throughout the year. It’s a great place to visit if you want to either relax or get your adrenaline racing. Surfing is one of the most popular activities for tourists in Lanzarote and the beaches there are perfect to catch some waves. There are loads of road trips and excursions to do as well, and the food in Lanzarote is top notch. Make sure to try their local specialty, Mojo Potatoes. Discover more about Lanzarote on Try Somewhere New.


Five Fun Facts about Lanzarote:

  • The first underwater museum in Europe is in Lanzarote. Dive into the ocean and see some amazing sculptures
  • Timanfaya Park looks eerily similar to the surface of the moon, so you can pretend to be an astronaut without having to travel the 384,400km to get there
  • Lanzarote is home to a very rare black sand beach. You’ll only find a black sand beach in volcanic destinations and they are truly remarkable to see
  • Filmmakers love Lanzarote. The 1966 Hollywood blockbuster One Million Years B.C. and iconic TV series Doctor Who have used the island as a backdrop
  • The rocks at Timanfaya Park get so hot you can cook steak on them. The heat from surrounding volcanoes creates the prefect conditions for cooking while you marvel at the surreal lava fields


From Glasgow to Lanzarote: Practical Information

The best way to get around Lanzarote is by renting a car from Ryanair Car Hire. Taxis are your next best option and they are relatively inexpensive. There are limited public bus services on the island and some of the main attractions aren’t on the bus route so it’s not always possible to rely on public transport during your stay.

Temperatures in Lanzarote simmer around 20°C and above throughout the year. The island is at its hottest in July and August. It’s probably safe to leave your rain jacket at home as rainfall is rare no matter what time of year you fly from Glasgow to Lanzarote.

Lanzarote use euros as their currency so you will need to exchange your pounds before your flights from Glasgow to Lanzarote. Make sure you pack a travel adaptor too so you can charge your electronic devices during your visit.

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