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Flights from London to Basel

Planning a getaway to Basel? Here’s everything you need to know before booking your cheap flights from London to Basel.


London Stansted Airport Overview

When you book cheap flights from London to Basel, you’ll be flying out of London Stansted Airport. Stansted airport is the fourth busiest airport in the UK, handling over 25 million passengers every year. One of the easiest ways to get to Stansted Airport is to take the National Express coach which runs 24 hours a day and has 15 pick-up points around central London. There is also the more direct route by train via the Stansted Express which runs every 15 minutes and takes only 47 minutes from London Liverpool Street. If travelling by car, you’ll find Stansted Airport is located around outside central London and is just off the M11 motorway.


EuroAirport Basel Mulhouse Freiburg Airport Overview

When you fly London to Basel you’ll arrive in EuroAirport Basel Mulhouse Freiburg Airport, which is located just outside Basel city centre. EuroAirport Basel Mulhouse Freiburg airport is 3.5 km northwest of Basel in Switzerland, 20 km southeast of Mulhouse in France and 46 km southwest of Freiburg in Germany. EuroAirport Basel Mulhouse Freiburg is the third busiest airport in Switzerland and caters for Switzerland, Germany and France. When travelling from the airport to Basel city centre after your flights to Basel from London, you’ll find a few different public transport services available to you. On the Swiss exit, Basel's BVB bus No. 50 connects the airport to Bahnhof SBB, which is the main Swiss and French railway station in Basel. From there, you can reach the town-centre on foot or by tram, or take a train to any other town. During weekdays, there is a service every 7–8 minutes and on weekends, every 10 minutes during daytime. The journey time is around 20 minutes. 


What to Expect on arrival at Basel?

Once your London to Basel flights have landed and you’ve left the airport, you’ll be free to discover one of the most beautiful cities in Switzerland. Don’t miss The Basel Minster, one of the city’s main landmarks and one of the most popular tourist attractions in Basel. Originally a Catholic cathedral and today a Reformed Protestant church, it was built between 1019 and 1500 in Romanesque and Gothic styles. Meanwhile, The Kunstmuseum Basel houses the largest and most significant public art collection in Switzerland and is listed as a heritage site of national significance. For something a little different, check out the Dollhouse Museum, the largest museum of its kind in Europe. Now known as the Spielzeug Welten Museum Basel. 


Five fun facts about Basel

  • For the last 700 years or so, Basel has been famous for one product – Läckerli, a sort of hard gingerbread that consists of a mix of honey, nuts, candied fruit and spices like nutmeg and cinnamon that originally was only served at New Year. Läckerli doesn’t exist in English, but translates roughly as ‘small and delicious’.
  • To get across the Rhine there are four wooden ferries (known as Fähri) that gently glide across the river, taking foot passengers to the other side. They use the river’s current to get across without motorised assistance, but are attached to a cable so that they don’t end up in the North Sea. 
  • You can visit three different countries in one day and travel between Switzerland, Germany and France all on public transport from Basel.
  • While Switzerland has four official languages, the most common language spoken in Basel is Swiss German. However, it's very simple to get around the city and communicate easily, if you speak English or French.
  • In 1471 a chicken in Basel, Switzerland, was found guilty of laying a brightly coloured egg "in defiance of natural law". It was burned at the stake as "a devil in disguise.


From London to Basel: Practical Information

Before you book cheap flights to Basel from London, there are a few things you need to know about this Swiss city. 

Weather: Basel has very pleasant summers with the summer months averaging 24°C. However, the city also experiences very cold winters with temperatures regularly dropping below freezing in January. 

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