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What to do in Bulgaria?

Going to Bulgaria with no expectations will blow any tourist away. Impressively, this is one of the most beautiful and affordable countries in Europe that still offer a lot to explore. From its medieval monasteries to its gorgeous beaches and everything in between, you are sure to find something for everyone. This country is one of the highlights in Europe that visitors cannot afford to miss. Book your flight to Bulgaria with Ryanair – Europe’s favourite airline!


Top Things to See and Do in Bulgaria

  • The Rila Monastery should be at the top of your list not only in Bulgaria, but also all of Europe. This 10th-century Orthodox monastery is regarded as one of the most important cultural monuments in Bulgaria and is a key attraction point for tourists.
  • Check out the Boyana church for a taste of architectural beauty. This is a UNESCO World Heritage site that is sure to please everyone.
  • Cross the Marvellous Bridges of the Rhodope Mountains. These natural arches formed between the mountains are located in southern Bulgaria close to Chepelare.

Tips for the Budget Traveller

Bulgaria is a relatively inexpensive country to visit. Your money will go a long way when it comes to food, attractions, and accommodation. Try some of the local street food for a cheaper option to restaurants, and stay at some of Bulgaria’s many hostels to save on accommodation expenses. Ryanair travels to Bulgaria from over 30 countries in Europe. Now is the best time to book your Bulgaria flights!

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