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Cheap Flights to Castellon, Spain

Why Castellon 

Fly to Castellon de la Plana and discover a charming, beautiful city on Spain’s east coast that’s just an hour’s drive from Valencia. When you book cheap flights to Castellon, you can easily get to see these two wonderful Spanish cities for the price of one. 

Castellon is more than just a city though; beyond the town itself, the whole region is a stunning, naturally beautiful landscape that’s made up of glorious beaches, protected islands, beautiful nature reserves, and even two superb theme parks – perfect for a family holiday adventure. Book cheap Castellon flights today and explore Castellon. 


When to book flights to Castellon

You can fly to Castellon at any time of year and have a great time, but when you book flights to Castellon you’re landing on Spain’s beautiful east coast, and it’s likely you’ll want to spend some time on the beach. From May onwards, the weather here starts to get beach warm - temperatures start to hit the low 20s by the end of April and 30 degrees and above in July and August. 

If you choose to fly to Castellon in autumn or winter, you’ll still enjoy mild weather with temperatures peaking at 15 degrees even in January – perfect if you’re booking flights to Castellon for a little winter pick-me-up.


What to see in Castellon

There is a huge amount to see and do when you fly to Castellon, from the wonderful historical sights in the city to the beautiful beaches along the Costa del Azahar and the stunning nature parks of the region. But let’s start with the city, where you shouldn’t miss the Plaza Mayor (main square), the Castellon city hall, the Hemp Trading Hall, the famous and ornate ‘La Farola’ (street light) on Independence Square and the Lighthouse of the Grao. Castellon is a lovely city to walk round, with plenty of rich history to discover. 

By booking flights to Castellon you’ll get the chance to explore one of Spain’s less famous ‘Costas’ – the Costa del Azahar (or ‘Orange Blossom Coast’). Playa de Gurugu, Playa Serradal, and Playa del Pinar are three beautiful beaches where you’ll easily find space to stretch out and enjoy the Spanish sunshine. Gurugu might be the busiest of these, with summer season bringing bigger crowds and beach parties that rumble on into the small hours! 

Valencia is just an hour away too, and is well worth a day trip – book your hotel in Castellon with Ryanair Rooms after booking your Castellon cheap flights, and make it your base as you explore the region. 


Getting Around

Getting around Castellon is easy. There are plenty of public transport options available to you for getting around the city, including a bus network and tram system. Walking and cycling are both popular ways to get around this compact city too, and a great way to discover little parts of the city that you might otherwise not see. 

If you plan to explore Valencia, or the beaches along the cost, or the parks inland, then Castellon car hire is your best option. Book a rental car when you book your flights to Castellon with Ryanair Car Hire


What to eat in Castellon 

Castellon offers plenty of incredible  local dishes for you to sample, one of the most famous being paella, which originated in nearby Valencia.

Castellon is also renowned for its seafood, but there are plenty of local meat dishes too that  are well worth a try. Look out for longanizas and butifarras (two types of sausage) as well as Tombets (a Spanish vegetable dish) and barbequed lamb. You won’t run out of Tapas here either. In fact, it might be a good idea to pack loose clothing when you book your Castellon flights!