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Flying to Naples must reads

Why Naples?

Naples is wonderful. This is not Rome, Venice or Milan – fly to Naples to get a totally different and very authentic Italian experience to anything you’ll find further north. Book flights to Naples for the pizza, for Pompeii, and for easy access to some of the most gorgeous seaside resorts and beaches in Italy.



When to book flights to Naples

Naples is busiest in the summer months. It’s also hottest there at this time of year, so if you book cheap Naples flights in June, July or August (even into September) you should prepare yourself for temperatures reaching into the 30s.  Some like this of course, but if you want to wander around archaeological sites for hours on end, you might prefer fewer people and lower temperatures!

April and May are good months to fly to Naples, as is September, once kids have gone back to school. During these months the weather is still warm (but very bearable, particularly if you plan to walk a lot), and the city’s streets – and attractions - are far less crowded than during the summer months.



What to see in Naples

There’s so much to explore when you book Naples flights, not just in the city but just outside it too. Most notable is Pompeii, the city famously buried under the molten lava from an erupting Vesuvius back in 79AD. Pompeii is easy to get to, taking just 35 minutes or so to get from the Naples stop to ‘Pompeii Scavi’. It’s an incredible place to visit, and you could easily spend a good half a day wandering the site and imagining how life was back then, and how quickly it all came to an end for the people of Pompeii. Don’t miss the beautiful art in the ‘Villa of Mysteries’, or the restored brothel. Admission to the whole site is under €15.

Back in the city, and  you should make sure you get to some of its archaeological and historical attractions too – the Archaeological Museum, the three huge castles, the royal palace and the catacombs are among some of the great attractions in Naples that are worth a visit. Naples is a great city for people watching too, so make sure to spend at least one morning or afternoon outside a café, drinking espresso and eating cannoli and watching the world go by.

If you want a little sunshine and relaxation, Naples has plenty of that for you too… Book flights to Naples and you’re on the doorstep of some stunning Italian beaches and islands, from beautiful Capri island to Sorrento and, of course, the sparkling, azure Amalfi Coast. With reasonable accommodation available, Naples is the perfect place to book a hotel and use as a base for your exploration of the south of Italy.



Getting Around

If you do plan on travelling round a bit, and if you want to do that most famous of road trips along the Amalfi Coast, Naples car hire might be a good option for you, and you can book this with us when you are booking your Naples cheap flights.

The Naples public transport system is a little confusing and not as punctual as you might find elsewhere, but it’ll get you where you need to go once you’ve gotten the hang of it. There’s a bus, tram, funicular and a Metro, and these will get you round not just Naples but out into and around Campania too.



What to Eat Naples.

Pizza. Book cheap Naples flights and you will land in the place where pizza originated from. You should eat lots of it here; it’s the best you will ever taste. The locals will only ever really order a margherita or a marinara (sauce only), and these are good ones to try, giving you a real appreciation of how good the most humble pizza can actually be when it’s made well.

Of course there’s more to eat in Naples than just pizza, so if you’re gluten intolerant or you just want to eat something else, try some of the local dishes like eggplant parmesan, osso bucco, ragu, buffalo mozzarella, and when you want pastry, try the delicious sfogliatelle. The food here is incredible and you will eat like royalty… book your flights to Naples today and get ready to taste it for yourself!