Summer’s Hottest Destinations for 2020

Looking to explore somewhere new this summer? The following is our list of the 15 hottest summer destinations to visit in 2020.

1. Dubrovnik

Summer’s Hottest Destinations for 2020 Dubrovnik
Image via iStock: Dreamer4787

Dubrovnik is quickly becoming one of our most popular city break destinations. It’s the perfect base to explore the south of Croatia and has this summer. Dubrovnik has long been regarded as the jewel of the Adriatic Coast. Its shimmering, turquoise waters and stunning architecture make it a must visit in summer 2020. Check out Visit Try Somewhere New for inspiration on tto find things to do in Dubrovnik.


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2. Santander

Summer’s Hottest Destinations for 2020 Santander
Image via iStock: MarioGuti

The capital of Cantabria is not your typical Spanish just a fishing town – it’s is a city packed full of surprises. Golden beaches, idyllic seaside promenades, historical buildings and a buzzing atmosphere await you this summer. Discover the best things to do in Santander here.


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3. Biarritz

Summer’s Hottest Destinations for 2020 Biarritz
Image via iStock: trabantos

This city in the southwest of France is one of this summer’s hottest destinations, and not just for the weather. Biarritz has a laissez-faire approach to life – it's easy to see why, and so many French people escape to Biarritz during the summer months. Whether you’re into surfing, museums, nightlife or just relaxing on the beach – Biarritz has it all.


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4. Chania

Summer’s Hottest Destinations for 2020 Chania
Image via iStock: Gatsi

Crete is one of our favourite summer hotspots and Chania, a city on the coast of the Greek island, offers isan excellent introduction to the island.  ood place to Known for having the longest summers in Greece – look forward to Chania bringswaterfront restaurants with delicious food, gorgeous beaches, and a relaxed atmosphere fitting for any summer break.


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5. Thessaloniki

Summer’s Hottest Destinations for 2020 Thessaloniki
Image via iStock: PanosKarapanagiotis

Thessaloniki is a city brimming with history, culture and cuisine. Greece’s second city is quickly becoming a must-see destination and there’s no better time to visit Thessaloniki than in the warm summer months.


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6. Puglia

Summer’s Hottest Destinations for 2020 Puglia
Image via iStock: LucaLorenzelli

You’ll find this quaint region located in the heel of Italy’s boot. Puglia has a number of cities worth exploring this summer including Bari, Brindisi and Lecce. The region has its own unique architecture and atmosphere as well as food to rival anywhere in Italy.


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7. Cagliari

Summer’s Hottest Destinations for 2020 Cagliari
Image via iStock: SeanPavonePhoto

Sitting on the south coast of Sardinia, Cagliari has stunning beaches, vibrant nightlife, iconicmelt-in-the-mouth pizza as well as some interesting museums. The Sardinian capital has pretty much everything you could want from a sunny summer break.


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8. Naples

Summer’s Hottest Destinations for 2020 Naples
Image via iStock: DARIA VOLPE

Often considered the food capital of Italy, (it is the birthplace of pizza after all),. Naples is a must visit for any foodie this summer. Come for the food but stay for everything else. Explore the historic Mount Vesuvius, take a road trip around the Amalfi Coast, visit the oldest working opera house in the world, and of course stuff yourself with pizza. Discover more things to do in Naples this summer on Try Somewhere New.


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9. Faro

Summer’s Hottest Destinations for 2020 Faro
Image via iStock: EunikaSopotnicka

With 300 days of sunshine each year, Faro is a prime spot for a beach break in summer 2020. There’s more to see in the capital of the Algarve than the beaches – with charming cathedrals, fascinating museums and a bustling nightlife. Faro is also the perfect gateway to explore everything the Algarve has to offer.


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10. Split

Summer’s Hottest Destinations for 2020 Split
Image via iStock: anshar73

Croatia’s second city has something for everyone. History buffs will fall in love with the city’s winding streets and palace walls, beach lovers can relax by the beautiful turquoise sea and active travellers will feel at home by hiking in the hills. Discover what to do in Split on Try Somewhere New.


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11. Menorca

Summer’s Hottest Destinations for 2020 Menorca

Menorca is increasingly becoming one of Spain’s most popular destinations for holidaymakers. The Mediterranean island has seemingly endless beaches, hiking trails that take you around the whole island, the beautiful Ciutadella and historic megalithic structures. Menorca is a great alternative to  way to escape the usual tourist filled beaches this summer.


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12. Ibiza

Summer’s Hottest Destinations for 2020 Ibiza
Image via iStock: sack

Ibiza is known to many as the nightlife capital of Europe. Its clubs are world famous, and the social scene has made the island a dream destination for party revellers. There’s plenty to do in the day as well. From golden beaches to mysterious caves, Ibiza even has its very own version of Stonehenge! Visit Try Somewhere New to find out how to make the most of your trip this summer.


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13. Bodrum

Summer’s Hottest Destinations for 2020 Bodrum
Image via iStock: KenanOlgun

If we asked you to describe the perfect beach holiday you might say sandy white beaches, crystal clear waters and palm-tree lined marinas. Well, Bodrum has all of that and more. That’s why this Turkish city is considered the jewel of the Aegean Sea. Discover more things to do in Bodrum here.


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14. Dalaman

Summer’s Hottest Destinations for 2020 Dalaman

On Turkey’s turquoise coast you’ll find Dalaman – a town where the sun shines all year. If you’re looking for a relaxing break this summer look no further than Dalaman. Kick back on one of its beaches, relax in a mud bath or if you’re feeling festive, you can even see the birthplace of Santa Claus.


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15. Palermo

Summer’s Hottest Destinations for 2020 Palermo
Image via iStock: CJ_Romas

Last but certainly not least on our list is the historic Italian city of Palermo. Its stunning landscapes and breath taking views of the Tyrrhenian Sea coupled with its gorgeous architecture and world famous street food willmake Palermo a summer holiday destination to be reckoned with. emember Interested in finding out more? Head to Try Somewhere New to discover what Palermo has to offer.


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That’s not all! There are plenty of other places to explore this summer with Ryanair. Visit Try Somewhere New for some inspiration on where to fly to next.