A Netflix Tour of Europe

Fancy wandering around the set of your favourite show? Here are some of the most popular destinations from Netflix series that you can visit in real life across Europe.

Money Heist (Madrid, Spain)

Image credit: iStock/GoranQ

La Casa de Papel (otherwise known as Money Heist) was one of the most popular shows on Netflix last year.


This thrilling Spanish series, which sees a group of thieves try to steal €2.4 billion from the Royal Mint of Spain, has wooed audiences all over the world with its trademark red jumpsuits and intense plot twists.


Based in Madrid and filmed in the Spanish capital, you can visit famous landmarks that feature prominently in the first two seasons.


Finca El Gasco (where the heist was planned), the Spanish National Research Council HQ (used because it looks so similar to the Royal Mint) and Callao Square are all on your doorstep in Madrid.


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Call My Agent! (Paris, France)

Image credit: iStock/AndreyKrav

The glitz and glam of Paris is on full display in Call My Agent! This is a popular French series that tells the hectic everyday lives of Andrea, Mathias, Gabriel and Arlette.


Working in a celebrity talent agency, their wild adventures are hilarious and cringe-worthy in equal measure. They get into all sorts of shenanigans managing celebs in the world of Parisian show business after the founder of their talent agency ‘ASK’ suddenly dies.


Set in the French capital, Paris is a glorious backdrop for this glamorous bonanza of a show. In the series, ‘ASK Agency’ is located near the Louvre Museum. The famous Ferber Recording Studios, The Grand Rex and the The Westin Paris Vendôme are also featured.


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Peaky Blinders (Birmingham, England)

Image credit: iStock/Bogdan Kurylo

‘By order of the Peaky Blinders!’ This gangster epic set in the streets of 1920s Birmingham has put the West Midlands city on the map since it first aired seven years ago.


Starring Cillian Murphy as the violent, intriguing Thomas Shelby, Peaky Blinders tells the story of a small family-run gang that wants to monopolize the book-making market... by any means necessary.


Not only is the series responsible for a revival in old-style tweed jackets and flat caps, but the success of Peaky Blinders has drawn tons of tourists to the city all wanting to experience Birmingham for themselves.


The city has fully embraced Peaky Blinders in recent years and even runs a special tour through Digbeth, where you can sit in a traditional Birmingham pub, drink Sadler’s Peaky Blinder spirits and see real-life filming locations.


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Derry Girls (Derry, Northern Ireland)

One of the funniest, most side-splitting offerings on Netflix, Derry Girls tells the story of five teenagers growing up in this charming Northern Irish city during the Troubles.


Tear-jerking one minute and laugh-out-loud hilarious the next, it gives a brilliant insight into the unique humour and camaraderie shared by the Derry community. The show has gone down a smash hit both in Ireland and abroad.


In fact, Derry Girls has proven so popular it’s even received its own giant mural that depicts Erin, Orla, Michelle, Clare and James posing together in their school blazers.


The mural — located on Orchard-street — attracts loads of selfie-hungry tourists every single day. Follow in Erin and her friend’s footsteps by booking a trip to see Derry’s famous Walls for yourself.


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The Two Popes (Rome, Italy)

Image credit: iStock/querbeet

This biographical drama tells the story of Pope Benedict and Pope Francis as they try to forge a path for the Catholic church in an evolving, modern world.


The film explores a number of historically significant locations throughout Rome and the Vatican.


Casa Gandolfo, Benedict’s summer residence used during his papacy, is just one famous location used in the film.


The Sistine Chapel also plays an important role in The Two Popes. Due to extremely strict rules around filming inside the famous chapel (photography is forbidden), director Fernando Meirelles was forced to recreate the iconic landmark for his movie, using Rome’s Cinecitta Studio instead.


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